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Nico Nathan works with Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Managers, Directors, Coaches, Municipalities, and Educators on utilizing AI and how to implement.

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Executive Director of Logistic Credentialing School


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About Nico Nathan

Nico Nathan is a fifth-generation entrepreneur and AI Expert at QuidAI, where he dedicates his expertise to transforming businesses through the power of artificial intelligence. With a strong background in AI, AIOps, AIaaS, and Marketing Strategy, Nico specializes in speaking about the transformative potential of AI for small and medium-sized businesses.

His talks focus on strategic planning, change management, leadership development, and marketing optimization, all driven by AI integration. Nico's engaging presentations reveal how businesses can leverage AI to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve growth. He offers practical insights into seamlessly incorporating AI into operations, optimizing marketing strategies, and training staff to effectively use AI tools. Ready to explore the future of AI for your business? Connect with Nico to learn how AI can revolutionize your operations and strategy.

Speaking & Workshops

Nico speaks on multiple levels to a vast array of businesses. Whether it's an annual meeting, a corporate event, a trade show or a university lecture, his quick wit and energetic presentation style will have the audience understanding more about AI than ever before!

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