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Nico Nathan works with Owners, CEOs, Presidents, Managers, Directors, Coaches, Municipalities, and Educators on utilizing AI and how to implement.


Hello, I'm Nico Nathan, AI expert, and futurist dedicated to transforming small and medium-sized businesses through the power of artificial intelligence. My academic background spans Military History and Strategy, Psychology, Non-Profit Management, and Cannabis Business Development, giving me a diverse and interdisciplinary perspective on my work.

I've developed several unique prompting methods to enable effective human communication with large language models (LLMs), utilizing methodologies from Sandler, Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP), Kaizen, and Six Sigma. I believe that AI marks the initiation of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with the potential to achieve in 15-20 years the same level of advancement we've seen in the past 125 years. This exciting prospect drives my human-centric approach to AI implementation.

Currently, I collaborate with business groups, individual corporations, and NPOs across the United States, exploring AI's potential for their operations and more. My recent involvement in an international campaign to identify domestic anarchist and terrorism supporters underscores my commitment to leveraging technology for societal benefit.

In addition to my professional pursuits, I hold a first-degree black belt in Shotokan and have a deep passion for martial arts, including Ryu-Kyu Kempo, Krav Maga, and Kung-Fu, all of which I've practiced in my life. My interest in astronomy fuels my dream of traveling to space or even living on Mars or the Moon one day.

I share my insights through a LinkedIn newsletter and curate the latest in AI news, trends, tips, and tricks on my Flipboard magazine. My journey began with an early stint at IBM, which ignited my passion for significant, impactful work. Since then, I've founded and operated an Internet Service Provider, a restaurant, a cannabis dispensary, a consulting firm, and now QuidAI.

I envision a major transformation for SMBs in the near future. While I acknowledge the concern of employee displacement, I believe in navigating this change thoughtfully. My mission is to help SMB owners implement AI gradually and comfortably, ensuring compatibility with legacy systems.

I strive to be not only a visionary but also a storyteller, helping people think critically about the future of AI and its profound impact on businesses and society.


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Learn About Nico


Nico Nathan is a fifth-generation entrepreneur, AI expert, and futurist at QuidAI. With a robust background in AI, AIOps, AIaaS, and Marketing Strategy, Nico specializes in speaking about the transformative potential of AI for small and medium-sized businesses. His talks focus on strategic planning, change management, leadership development, and marketing optimization, all driven by AI integration.


Nico's engaging presentations reveal how businesses can leverage AI to drive innovation, enhance efficiency, and achieve growth. He offers practical insights into seamlessly incorporating AI into operations, optimizing marketing strategies, and training staff to effectively use AI tools. Ready to explore the future of AI for your business? Connect with Nico to learn how AI can revolutionize your operations and strategy.

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