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Nico Nathan is ready to be your AI-Guy
Nico Nathan is ready to be your AI-Guy

Thank you for attending our special event.


I hope you found the session fun, informative & engaging!

I'm excited that you are about to take the first steps in your journey by accessing your new playbook for navigating AI integration in your business.

Key Takeaways

  1. AI integration is a gradual process that requires education, small-scale pilot projects, and a culture of advancement.

  2. AI can enhance logical decision-making, streamline operations, provide customer insights, and improve security.

  3. Preparing your team through education and training is essential to reduce resistance and enable successful AI adoption.

  4. The journey of AI exploration continues, and small businesses have the opportunity to boldly go where no business has gone before.

Exclusive Guidebook:
The Small Business Owner's Playbook for AI-Driven Success

As promised during the event, I've prepared an exclusive guidebook to help you navigate your AI journey.

This comprehensive resource includes:

  • A complete roadmap for starting your AI journey

  • Actionable steps for successful AI integration

  • Real-world case studies and best practices

  • Tips for overcoming common challenges and obstacles

To access your free copy of the guidebook, just click the submit button on the form below
(and I'd love to send you next month's newsletter as well - so fill in your email too!)

Another great tool is our AI READINESS ASSESSMENT - Click the orange button to start filling out now!

Let's continue the conversation and I will support you on your AI journey.
Connect with me on LinkedIn or reach out via email at to schedule a coffee or lunch meeting.

Remember, as Spock wisely said, "Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end."
I look forward to being your "AI-Guy" and guide as you explore the exciting frontier of AI in your business.

Nico Nathan is ready to be your AI-Guy
Nico Nathan
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